Our Approach

Tutoring Machine’s sterling reputation is the result of our proven systematic approach to test prep. This philosphy is crucial to realizing the potential of our students.

Our Philosophy

The tenacity with which we pursue score improvement for our students is unparalleled to any other. We carefully evaluate and customize a plan to fit the needs of each student. The process is iterative as we move through the course. This dynamic and meticulous approach is a hallmark of Tutoring Machines. Understanding that students have different educational backgrounds is the reason that emphasis is initially placed on evaluating the student’s current academic level. Experience has also taught us that the more students invest in their test prep, the more likely they will achieve their target scores.


Creating an efficient and successful plan relies on the analysis of a student’s initial score reports. These provide the basis for making solid recommendations and lay the groundwork for developing the best approach for the individual student. We offer practice tests for both SAT and ACT on this site. Taking these tests will inform us which path will lead us to greater success. Let the journey begin.

I have never been a fan of standardized tests, but I knew it was a necessary evil to launch my college career. In came Kimani and changed the game. He made the process surprisingly chill and worthwhile. I took both the SAT and ACT, then realized the ACT was the test for me. With Kimani's insights and ability to simplify the test, I was able to raise my score significantly and score in the top 4 percentile. I am now attending my top choice college.


A student is not just defined by his or her SAT/ACT scores. Respect the simple fact that students are more than just their scores and should be treated accordingly. We are genuinely invested in the successes of our students. And we also believe that there is one inalienable truth – there is a strong correlation between the motivation of both students and instructors. Our instructors are determined to motivate through their enthusiasm. There are few things more rewarding than being instrumental in a student’s success.

Kimani was instrumental in helping our son, Matthew, increase his SAT, ACT and SAT II scores. The SAT class followed by individual consulting designed for his needs, inspired him to strive for an outstanding score. He showed Matthew how to capitalize on his test taking strengths and bolster his weaknesses. Kimani has a gift in connecting with students by reducing stress, making test prep fun, and explaining test strategies. Most importantly, he listened and understood Matthew's objectives and motivations allowing him to meet his test score goals landing him in the 99th percentile.


After a full day of high school instruction and extra-curricular activities, students often struggle to find the time and motivation for test prep. At Tutoring Machines, we strive to make the learning process as seamless and productive as possible in their limited time. To achieve this, we balance test-prep instruction with student interaction to keep them engaged and focused.

Kimani made studying for some of the most dreaded exams manageable and surprisingly fun! With his help my scores for the ACT were raised nearly ten points, something that I know I would not have been able to do on my own or with anyone else. Kimani kept me focused but entertained, consistently cracking jokes and because of him much of the stress of standardized testing was alleviated.



Despite best intentions, it is often difficult for students to find the time and motivation for test prep. Tutoring Machines’ advantage is our knoweldge of test prep content and breadth of experience. With instruction that is rigorously researched and frequently updated, students come to understand and trust our instructors as valuable resources. We cultivate an environment in which students are motivated to ask questions. And our vast experience with previous students enables us to pinpoint and understand what it takes to maxamize the true poential of each student.

The very first meeting I had with Kimani I told him the score I wanted and after countless SAT's and ACT's I finally achieved that score. Although standardized testing was a challenge for me, Kimani never gave up on me, which is why I never gave up on myself. He is going to push you and make sure you are fully prepared. Without him I would not be attending my dream school. I would recommend Kimani to any student and it would be a mistake not to have him as your tutor.


After dynamic test prep plans are tailored for each student, an instructor monitors and steers their progress. Whether it is private tutoring or a class, the curricula will ensure that students are fully prepared on test day. We have the uncanny ability to strengthen a student’s weakness but not forget about his or her strengths. Staying on course is essential for maximum score improvement for the student, and we maintain a supportive relationship from start to finish.

Before meeting Kimani, my reading score was by far my lowest, but when I finished it ended up being one of the highest thanks to him. He spends the time finding each student's weaknesses and builds them up.


Tutoring Machines’ confidence in our methodology is evidenced by the successes of our students. After following a student’s progress from inception to completion, we find that we are equally engaged and motivated in helping them reach their goals. Ultimately, there is nothing more rewarding for test prep instructors than when students gain admission into their colleges of choice. Their successes then become our successes.