The Instructor

Tutoring Machines believes that being motivated, knowledgeable, and experienced is the cornerstone for becoming an exceptional instructor. We know what it takes to achieve higher test scores in order to make our students more competitive.


Leading by Example

The founder of Tutoring Machines has accumulated a wealth of knowledge through his extensive teaching experiences. He extracts from this wealth of experience to craft a meticulous and all-encompassing framework such that other instructors can follow his lead and become exceptional test prep tutors as well.

Here at Tutoring Machines, we value when an instructor shows academic prowess, unwavering passion for the subject, and the flexibility to engage students from various backgrounds. We aspire for greatness. Our students’ futures are figuratively in our hands, and we do our utmost best to direct that path to success.


A prerequisite to tutoring at Tutoring Machines is the unyielding motivation to connect with our students. We strive to maintain a constant, postive presence for our students from the beginning to the end of the test prep process in order to bring out their best.


Tutoring Machines has elite standards for delivering first-class service. This is the reason that we place a strong emphasis on coaching tutors to become exceptional at their craft. All our tutors are subjected to an intense, comprehensive 40-hour training program.


Our tutors are proficient in all subjects that are covered on the test. Our tutors are masters of understanding the content, intricacies, and nuances of these tests. In our experience, the more knowledge displayed by tutors, the easier it is to inspire the students.

Kimani Williams

Kimani Williams

University of California, Santa Barbara

Ph.D., Electrical Engineering

I have always had an affinity to help others, especially in academia. I have been blessed with a knack for simplifying what seems complicated to students. After high school, I left my home country of Jamaica to go to Macalester College, a small Liberal Arts college, in Minnesota.

After 4 wonderful years of Minnesota and the frigid tundra, it was time to return to a climate more favorable to a Jamaican, so I decided to further my studies by joining the PhD program in Electrical Engineering at the University of California, Santa Barbara. While working on my doctorate, I started tutoring students for standardized tests. It so happens, that I am phenomenal at drastically improving students’ test scores.

After completing my PhD in Electrical Engineering, I decided to devote myself to my passion for teaching and tutoring, which led me to start my own company, Tutoring Machines, LLC. In my own microcosm way, I am changing the world, one student at a time as I help them reach their goals through higher education



  • Logged over 20,000 teaching and tutoring hours
  • Taught thousands of students
  • Consistently has done the statistical improbable: biggest ACT score improvement is 14 points from a 21 to a 35; biggest SAT score improvement is 490 from a 1030 to a 1520
  • Prepared students to achieve perfect scores on both ACT and SAT, as well as obtaining National Merit Scholarships
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College Counselors

Tutoring Machines has worked tirelessly to perfect the test prep process in order to assist students’ in broadening their college horizons through SAT and ACT score improvement. Throughout the process, we continue to play an integral role in a student‘s application process. While we specialize in the test prep aspect of the college application process, we also recognize that a college application encompasses more than a student’s test scores.

To that end, if students need help navigating the complex process of applying to colleges, there are a number of reputable private college counselors in the local Santa Barbara area that can be of tremendous assistance.

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